&honey &honey &honey &

who am i
when orange rocks
make orange sandmelt
(and i just thought creamsicle but meant)
into glass

the desert would piss milk
all over if only you could find
the urethra

i had a fondness for chasing if
when i tired i'd be a dove
i am tired
i am a manaching rock
chasing teeth immured in the wide
black skymouth
awake shedding a skin thick
layered honeycum

you read we can't die
from not pissing           when we die
we all piss
maybe just
little drops


house for flies

this was going on when they invented agriculture: sand dunes forming
in the back of the mouth of namibia

orange rocks make orange sand
a milky dream of carrot powder

that is money, 
i think

"& did you know," she went on "that the black mamba is called the black mamba 
not because of the color of its external scales (grey-white) but due
to the intense blackness of the inside of it's mouth?"

i, shirtless in the desert, kill a venomous snake to be closer to it

& to draw flies
in the millions 
they hover
close over a teacup so full of
that it breaks but keeps
its shape

here is a voice:


starvation is not your worry
your breath is an ache from inside the rock's color
bathing me between parentheses 
in dark yellow urine"

apparently death 
in hotel toilet bowl
wrapped a snake

& come let's make

there's fire hot enough
to remove the evil haloes
that few a ships rode in on

They, bringing blackness

i assume the pose 
of the zoo-kept

& turn my maps
on the mouth of the continent
that looked over the gate
and clove to it


I’m not going to piss in anyone’s pocket, I won’t piss out this fire either

grown in furrows
patterns of blazing hills
our squint-eyes slice the sky
a seasonal dance
a Janus-glance

I’m not saying we’re prophets
but we hear the rhythms
and we’ll help you through the doorframe
not with kerosene and swaddling
nor torches and babies

we’re children of the fire, made of it
—who said that?
something in the underbrush:
     orphaned skunks in a hollow
     broken toys
     oscularies waiting

for aeration
something violent to mix them
with another, shall I pass through
or lie
in wait for my destroyer? what is
my substance? liquid or air?
errr  errring  every day
taking the dare, pissing
in the men’s urinal at church
looking for a rite that might
right you that might
upright you that mite:
you, me for example
under a golden sky

everybody kissed everybody’s hands




mutated my mind
as it shifted
i shit on the soft grey olive
came out my ruinous kisser
as a pit
smack surface
biting rock as a nip
tumbl down staircase too
these are nails singing
while the ‘nado sirens warn
wag a blasted brass finger
a foul a new death for us
wrapped by concrete
i am kissing you
new aerth to groww
development of my worpshiped
mind over currency
hunter god for feedss me
i am a scream
a man’s gotta eat
in the imagined sea of piss
until i am not piss
until it is only piss

i am hovering
metal and flying a winged
get high as the bottom
of the ocean
i am also in
a golden squid garden
piss on my parents watermelon
w/ my friends
all of them even the dead ones
the money we left in the dirt
the drunk and sober
drugs for my non thinker
and i in light of sweat
banked sunshine for my melting
laying in my own pool
for hours
as i fake a sleep
i am a body too

i wont suffer i can’t express
some fake fondness for violence
or the pain is this
the piss is
when i build up as a passing storm
a random wind
will kill me
but i am damned by nothing
and nothing will save me

I'm changed in the way 
your brain set
Not the thinking part 
but the knowing part
that sadly set its face 
on the staircase 
And then die is right! 
Here, we're right here
in the pre-death like 
the minutes
in the blue chair
before you board the airplane
are only minutes in the one chair
before the minutes
in the plane chair or how
a screaming rabbit
snagged in the cat's teeth
is the massacre
of my imagined kindness or
how I have to piss and 
this ink is the ink
until I piss

There's that brass bird
I saw last in the place 
coated in cat piss
with the porch 
on which I set
my mother's plants 
to die and the neighbor 
let her tub run 
to cover the floor
My friend my friend 
would stop to drink
from the round cup
set carefully for him
me lying like I wasn't 
sitting waiting
and now I guess this 
is only in minutes
after that

and maybe the cat suffers 
for its nature but maybe I suffer 
for nothing my life my life
is a goddamned pom-pom
Maybe in the whole world
no one saved a seat


Death to Intelligence

"It is written forever that boys write poetry and Men Die girls sing the blues and Women Bleed" 
i mean this is a pretty dark one  are blues and poetry the same thing?  is dying and bleeding           ooolalalaoooolalala    i'm bleeding now- or i was yesterday  and i guess i'm dying too     a great horned owl arrived at my house in a blizzard and i thought it left us a baby maybe  but we didn't check we just sat in the dark and sang         "it's snow baby of mine"  and watched it turn its head around and around  atweetletweetatwiddle

maybe it means that the next generation makes art and when they lose it they suffer and die or do they suffer first   and then art     and then die

to tell you the truth, i'm in no mood for poetry  but i think i'm starting to get that quote there is a difference between living and feeling      or feeling and expressing      i was trying to explain an idea and i kept using the word "adult"      and it was and wasn't what i meant           i think i was trying to talk about people who have been changed by pain and who have come to some understanding through it     

i bet the birds are ok   i mean i live right there and they are always singing, which is as you say not just about "sex" and it's obviously not about "happiness" either but i guess it means they are "alive" and maybe not "afraid"   i bet those falcons eat lots of mice

some of you posted a study on facebook that found that people who had been found to be more intelligent than their peers in the study drink more beers    or whatever alcohol-they drink more of it      amanda said she had some thoughts    i have some thoughts too   "¡Muera la inteligencia!"


Get Low Get Low Get Low Get Low:

I mean this in a funny way too
Casual Sex is God Damned Futile

I used to like Eminem
I once drank a fifth of vodka in twenty minutes and drove
I needed drugs
I once met a parolee with six kids at 24 and one in the youth joint
She had a shrine to Eminem
It was over her bed and under her watch yourself fuck mirror
It was something we could bond over
The Eminem I mean
It was something you could assume a bond out of hand with everyone you met
I used to think shocking and funny were obviously the same thing
I used to be too cool for morals
Its hilarious to murder your wife over and over again
I had a one-night stand with a woman in a violent relationship
One-afternoon stand really
We fucked on his couch than we went to the park fed ducks and smoked weed
Everyone knew about it in the space of a day and night
I told no one. I admitted nothing
I avoided a fight with the boyfriend by drunk driving away from his questions

Once at the Alley I had a bloody mary in a mason jar for like six bucks
I'm shamed of that in a way I'm not shamed of other things
Once I had a bloody mary like half an hour after brushing my teeth
and everything faintly smelled and tasted like garlic salt for days
It was like I had just vomited an hour ago forever. 

I hate the alley but like the neighborhood
Every summer the drown of bougie cover bands at red nine
and the dance of fortysomething bud light meatheads
Behind that the near south with the smell of roses from old Klein's corners yes
Also the air of tree pollen that does not actually smell like semen
but in plain literal and biologic sense is semen
Sex is not the only reason that birds sing
any weather we find annoying tends to batter and drown the birds dead in scores
and then there's the mascot falcons we love top the Capitol
normally a big town with its trees would give the little birds cover from the prairie space
but naw
Fuck you robin
Fuck you mocking J
Fuck you woodcock
It's fucking shit to be a songbird
Billie Holiday sang the blues
And every lost artist and past generation suffered to death
doesn't really want a better future for their children
or an artless world of dry contentment
They want you to suffer too and they hate what your weak ass calls romance

It is written forever that boys write poetry
and Men Die
girls sing the blues
and Women Bleed
"¡Muera la inteligencia!"


Everyone Has Their Own Image of Losing Altitude

Drinking a screwdriver from a mason jar
headphones sounding the currency of
dissolve dislove disown diversions
this is the real money that buys
"I don't give a fuck who knows"
or what words might be too harsh
we are coming home from the mystery

Sarah first
Travis next
& all of us
I can't help
but to think

each of us sitting in a quiet burn
each of us writing a truth of sorts
I close my eyes & know

we are not playing dumb here
we are talking at it
a caravan of poet family
or what I want to say is
we have a huge amount
of currency between us
we are $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
if that symbol was what made us
feel things beneath our clothes.



i'm tired of playing dumb to your face,
but the alternative is too embarrassing. 
i have a small currency
of social cues at my disposal. my beast arms
give HUGS did you know, i try to show you when you look
like you might want to be shown.
these levers i pull pump my butt-zone to the beat.
i am gaining experience to
metastasize stronger charms.

the roses are on time this year in lincoln, nebraska.
sometimes one smells the right way to mouth on
and retreat
sputtering inedible petals.  
murmur, "depression feels like you're
secretly evil, and you MUST hide it
from everyone."

on-time too is the restless diversion,
a repeated crest that comes crashing
down in fluttering shoreline ripples,
a thrumming djembe cadence of
go go go go go go go

so don't dislove me.
grant maybe a philanthropy of inquisitive
fingers on my fissures.
i'm just a glass girl in mirror land.

and look i can say the F word all night.
so you're going to have to be fucking patient.



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