standing here thinking i'm going

i picked this location when i was crazy, but i was right.
my sticky eyes burn. the everywherestorm moves to cover your face,
and i'm scattered. the sorry moonman.

my brain slides behind my tongue
blah blah.


i mean,
it's the moronic truth
that my whole moonhouse
is sideways
in the gusts that i watch hurting you.

i want to talk you through me jacking you off the surface of our fatass homeworld.
'fear no yes.  fear no yes.  fear no yes. fear no yes' i keep saying to us
in my solution to what is,
in reality, happening without end.

drug myself to this silver desert
so fucking long ago
that the oceans i can see from far far away are your mouth i can't actually remember.

i'm back at the beginning of crazy.
without your help, i'm on my way to the middle.



feared nowhere
not a lot to care abt
ur hurt
ur slow squirt
my hands bloody
from jacking-off rose stems
i like location
i like subjugating the beautiful morons in my brain

fix me
i don't know how to put together
my drool is so sticky
i love to feel nothings creep into my blood
talk to each second of my everywhere
hello so so i am right always
i am in the middle of blah blah
find me

flip past my fatass-someone last chance
to run after a bus-someone i call you in the middle
of the night when i am drunk-someone
who the hell am i
i have just wanted to be in love w/ someone
for so fucking long i think it is a joke
a doke
the smoking glass pipe-house-someone hid me
i am so strong
made of drying drug bones
scattered in meta poems abt closets
like who the hell am i
standing here
thinking i am going to write
another poem
for that girl
that i am in love w

save me
i am moonman made of mooncheese
pissing sideways
my whole life ahead of me & also
crazy directions like everwherestorm
i am sorry i am leaving the poem
let me get back
your words

but like i s'd
i don't even want to be happy
if it means  you are not happy
i don't even want to die
if it means you will die
i guess i am immortal too
i guess this is just the beginning of my whole new life
or maybe i will go see Cloud Atlas by myself
& forget abt what i am supposed to do
or spend money
or spend science
or spend disease
or spend my meaningful vote on a man who was once a child

& cried
& maybe talked to some god
like a crazy person
bc all kids are just crazy people
tiny crying scared monsters hoping to fall in love
w/ someone
i mean nobody wonders
what the point in being scared is
curled up ball or scared to jump off the bridge
because some square made it sound stupid

i say yes to the poem
i don't see
i don't know where the someone goes
or dear or darling or no duh
this girl is talking abt how The Real World
is not the real world
bc the real world is this ".................."
& i am like
i think the real world is


Scary Poem

I am so...
all right here too.
No matter which is named "fattest hurt",

Everywhere I locate to someone
I told someone to call me

Poem by guess subtraction.


Take apart a fat someone, a gross someone
put 'em all back to-gether into a you someone,

have eyes too and a lub dub poem pump

it's a gross tube,
it's a put to-gether tube of
at one point in a history, chest hair was all
important; see how we've killed
and burlied into now?

It's a feedme/eatit game.
It's an adding machine
just a number's game

We're the best at
We're the best at not giving a flying fuck about fatalism.

tear-ass into the world.  Fell out
on dirt, blind and crying.

Learned poking.   Learned noise.  Knew crying & laughing.
Taught death.

Built death from category:  things to fear.  Added permutations.
Found a cohort of similars.  Feared together.