for my poet friends--

let's write to find the edge of Hell

Eurydice is the anatomy of our song

it echoes out the damned

they wait for our mouths, wet

words: some spiry angels bloated

in our lungs to bursting poems

we thought this was what love sounded like

we thought we touched something

a blitzen dawn only in our drunk drunk sonnets

there is no body here--no LIGHT

I am little more than breath

words again: failed LIGHT

another cut on my hand

another breath to work through my cuts

or to find a little god maybe

no--I've got no hands to mend

no hands to patch up these failed words

here I trespass on the SUN

and I've grown into my own criminal echo

learning to die


(e) AN O (t)(h)(e)(r)

According to a popular representation, time is nothing but pure flow, the incessant sequence of instants along an infinite line. - Giorgio Agamben

an oxygen atom,
linking two        (or more)
alkyl, ______,
can kill                a cow    (or more)

but that wasn't 02.21.11. the song simply
stuck in.

a twin

eurydice isn't
real but still
waiting            complain
            more (the end of the hall)


felled the big one for the breath

song     sung
              —the making it up of—

empty feast    the pittance

a transparent boon

our I blows it through
            her trachea
                        ripped from 
            an island is a chain

still waiting for eyes



i wrote this poem
for digesting
or my brain
gets sad”

[these] hallways# [have begun to] complain[.]#

recalling# exactly[,] a [stand of] tree[s]#

on ventilation.#


not the actual [sound of]#

rupture.#  [still,] you can’t#

lay beside# the banister [this time].#


this is why# 

there will be {no} [a] party[.]#
to sing# you[‘re]{’ll} hunger[.]#


remember# that shit.#

stuck [up there,]#

like a prayer[.]#


# trad., arrangement - hamlin
#trad., arrangement - hamlin
#trad., arrangement - hamlin



We who we
are, below the

shade of evening, illumined
and sweet.  The meat

is lowing.  Breathe

in twice, once
for each.



Let's go through

the glory hole 


darling. The idea of mystery sex
even beyond anonymous

not even sure what's touching
your marriage tackle. 

Diet matters
with this. When you're dealing with as much protein
as a porkchop. One gags more than the other
on the swallow. Vegetarians know things.
Avoid garlic and smoking,
eat a mango if you're really worried.

Ever disgusted by the smell of pig
food--food made of pig, bacon's cool
but anything else
makes the house smell of fleshy,
scalded electric stove--I can't help
but think only flesh
flesh flesh flesh
and a pig's skin sunburns just the same
while it lives.

There is a velcro to the teeth after
chewing up meat,
a gummy pull upon opening the jaw
not unlike the way DNA on the fingers
sets so quickly to sticking.


A bottle from KS

You’re looking skinny little
darling. It’s not what
you eat. Pull me out
of the wall! Cough cough

Have you been through
the glory
hole “scenario”?

Heaven under. Have you
grasped? Pull me out
through wall. Eat eat

It’s not that
you’re caught. It’s just.

DNA, man. DNA
gets you via cheek
swab. It gets you
in the fun way.

Your kid’s


Monroe's Manhattan (KS Jerkin')

the innocence of a youngster wanting things it will have by the ton in just a few years,
couple that with a sense of entitlement and just try not to sound like your parents

now imagine President Kennedy wants a drink, let's say it's his last
now what would the youngster do, let's say he'd be in the keg cellar fucking Marilyn Monroe

i want to walk down any residential block in a large metropolitan area
and pretend like i'm watching it on HBO


John Wayne v. Zorro v. Radio Head

Itch, believe wider words.
Sand off the roughy sound
edges. Cup your
whiskers and look:
a thumpy jigsaw tree.

Beating rings, berry jam
hymns, sticky in a road stop
bathroom stall. Sometimes churches
are torn down and sometimes
they are overwhelmed with holidays.

This is why there are so
many churches or why
there are no churches. You can see
them if you go gunslinging
across Kansas.

Our Ferrari wind-cabin, our mass
murderer mobile. Wheel your spindle
sabre 'round, stab the needle highway,
bob it all the way
back across.

Fog the windscreen and trace my name
in, tattoo myself in the eye-
back of the prairie. Whips
around our ring tailed
wind sock, our mischievous hymn

Learn the languages of engine vibrations.

I drove from Duluth in one
night to Wichita, to prove
I am a lover, a burly
sailor. I bend my ribs back
repeatedly, building a hanging boat
bridge to see your breathing
sounds: your slow roll
up & fall.

I will roll you for
a cigarette, twist at the ends,
and spray ink on the insides
of my lungs. Geeer
up, boy, and shoot!

You, light catcher,
abusing time and times.


on the loss of hearing over time

this, an overheard tattoo's point:
nothing travels faster than light yet we have it
on occasion, mach it
but galaxies atrophy there, in the wider blinks
before you are or are not the father

and ambergris, too, may still be dropped in wine
as your matter’s handspike knows
which is just to say, does screaming light a whisper
or lightning dare a spark

i think, line the page ink knows
to be blank
and steep there---frequency doesn’t know it’s a heart
and eavesdropping, I heard myself in the wider point

which is to say elements in me blush along with me
or as the lights’ race starts, the point fires-blank and crests
roll up your own sleeves to the wider-needle there
before you are or are not the father
this was all just someone listening


I'm A Giver That Way

Masturbating on the interstate while driving like a cowboy
I like to think of the truckers
pulling off to the side of the road
on account of me

I like to think of cowboys masturbating
with chew in their mouths and spit on their chins
while listening to a revival on the radio

I ride radio waves like a horse or a pastor

I am the hymn of no tomorrow
carried on the wind

I like to think of truckers singing me
until they choke on their own spit


Rubbed One Out in Wichita
Driving/Methodist Coffee Shop
I breathed these bones upon your back,
muscles waving the hills of Kansas,
rain gray on the bluffs press breast on breast,
gold grass red hips breathe the windsplash on bus windows.

I rubbed one out in Wichita,
a church service singing in my head,
testimony crawling upon the floor under the bathroom door.

Their voices gasped the songs of your past,
pressing through the dream trace of my fingers on your skin,
a healing cough singing the space between our air. 


There Is No Day Here

I will cough on you—
we will share the sound disease
in the no one hears it.

But really, the rocks & trees
are persons coughing with us.
I recall how your back can arch,

a bridge between our lungs.

I can’t believe the words that hang
like murders between us.
You put them in syntax with tire irons
and a cattle press.

When my lungs stop rasping—
                it means I don’t lust you anymore.



if you cough in the no one hears it that’s a fact too slow to pretend with
after several days in a new place we longer for cough so much my back
hurts so much my cough balls hurt i would buy a ferrari and i would call
this cough poetry and cough like the heavens magisterial circles the living
bodies sunning the sounds of death cough rattle shtick stumble i am cough
almost too drunk to cutlass listening to cough mirror traffic eating year old
rolls in the back of my cough cough ferrari today i am a cat judging and
acting upon the world’s many surfaces on which to sleep here will be
cough very good there maybe not so much i settle into the microwave
nyquil forests my barometer boots my chicken feet the best way i can
describe it is cough cough cough cough i can’t believe a word i think



your ears are on the floor.

i treed your mouth            remind it
how to bay but
it only coughs mapache, mapache.

well mettled over and lacking acutely
i set out to track you back     through time,
resculpt the deadweight wax - 

the scent river trickled                cold
some time around a bare-faced day
six years ago maybe, your shoes off

so i tune fine synesthesia whiskers,
seek your rubbings on the yonders -
the boulder vibrations               dissolved
to a sandy detritus to sift, to sieve

for battered membranes
punched out by dadding.
                feet in mud with grass
                growing up through them.
hours dripping off
the nose of a lonely bottle.

i may find, might fight my way back
or hunt blue-faced through
grease puddle unframed prints.    clutching
artifacts wetly.
a ward. a t-shirt
worn a                       first day -
hole in one breast -
unwashed in a coon’s age