still haven't figured out what cure song that is

it's 1991
i'm 1991
i'm listening to 1991
i'm fairly sure i became self aware in 1991

other things that happened:
broke an arm
developed an addiction to earl grey

i don't like honey in my tea though
and i don't like anything in my tea
or any sort of palette altering
bullshit, because it's hard enough as it is
to try and mask something so intrinsically
perfect or complex or entirely simple or
all together fucked up

i stand behind the notion that you rarely ever need more than four on any particular floor

but you need four
in 1991 we only needed four
now we only need four
i count in four HOWEVER i like to count by fives
or tens, my older brother sees sevens everywhere
glad i didn't get that gene
seven sucks

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