Fatgod poem

locate Someone
by subtraction too

to someone
call me fattest
told to hurt
I am

everywhere named
            no matter

which is All so…

            right here
             I guess


After a GodStorm

But if I didn't,
could you pull the bell-string?
Put your back into it.
After, bring the pets to bed
because someone made it cold.
Someone named it Also.


age doesn't bring wisdom

you had to be told to leave
or things would've been worse
i can finish it for you
but you're done either way
contempt and disregard

if this beard would sit up and take care of himself, then we'd have a much bigger problem.  we'd step outside and you'd know what i really thought about your "situation."   

really not worried
comfortably numb
afraid of myself
this can be handled if need be
so you best leave


difference between a god storm and a fuck machine

I know now kyou
Love me didnt want

Like you love driving
kdrunk You can easily

be future unlockable
Saturday used to do it

nailed some parts down
Kdont sorry worry


Plants die and the ceiling
creaks as usual, humanlike
the airplane's sound passes
the girl on the porch walked past
my chance to say hello has passed
my morning now passed
a bicycle carrying a body
a dying body or a body about to die
passed as the wind came up and passed
and moved with it my hair
my neck hair that tree that car
moving past
There was something before
something like, "                   " 
something like a face in a screen
broken into smaller squares and those broken too
the colors wrong even
I couldn't say it better, I said,
"                         "
which was wrong, we both of us tried and were wrong
even now right this moment that passed
I'm lightening and wrong
you're gone and wrong
and the trying has passed
and we lay us down where
that airplane breaks the ugly sun
and let it pass
and birth an unsound thing
lie and lie believing we know some same
or contain some same 
as though we think the same that in
the broken sun one's not like 
one but one is one
and have no mind like the ground like loam
like thoughtless birth like silent wolves 
an old thing like witches
their snake dance like that's real
like the women holding hands dancing a snake dance
is more than women dancing a snake dance
as though the vacuum running 
behind the screen across the street 
does not surround me